Friday, May 20, 2005


Keep Talking. Keep Writing. Keep Blogging.

Dan Rather, Eason Jordan, Newsweek, Linda Foley.

Roger Simon on Newsweek:
To make my own view clear on this, I think the danger in reporting like Michael Isikoff's--who, I would agree with Brooks, is no "Noam Chomsky with a laptop" on more levels than one--is the influence it has on the home front, on America. Spewing disinformation of the kind Isikoff is doing contributes to the one thing above all that can cause us to lose the War on Terror - the loss of confidence in our justice and the subsequent loss of resolve to win.

Let's also be aware of the mindset of those we are fighting for and against in other parts of the world. The attitude toward the U.S. is shaped by what is known of the U.S. and what is known of the U.S. is shaped by those presenting the news.

I can see a trend here in the U.S. where the MSM keeps getting caught with "questionable" stories and subsequently loses more credibility. That may be happening here but I wonder what is known in other parts of the world where news does not flow as freely as it does here.


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