Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Male bashing

I've been listening to "The Wonder of Boys" book on tape recently. It's a very insightful book and I wish I had read it years ago when my boys were younger. The author, Michael Gurian, makes a clear point about how difficult it is for boys to be boys (indeed, the phrase "boys will be boys" has become a derisive commentary implying allowed violence and mysogeny) when he says " the current war between feminism and male culture has to stop." This is such a simple statement yet I'm sure some women reading this will not agree. Men are the problem and feminism is trying to "correct" them and the past millenia of male oppression.

Wunderkraut has an excellent commentary on this subject. I know many (most?) mothers agree that boys are wired differently and have different needs from girls, but our culture forces father and mothers to ingore all the biological and biochemical differences, and feel wrong about encouraging "boyness." I suspect that the war of feminism against male culture is being most fiercely waged by people who don't have sons...the least informed making the most noise.

Gurian ends his book with hopeful commentary that he sees this "radical experiment" of suppressing boyness is waning in popularity (book was published in 1997). I'm not sure that's true but I do hope he's right.


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