Saturday, May 07, 2005


May 2005 Dominionists Newsletter

It's spring and the smell of burning witches fills the air

I know I am a little late on this but I have been terribly busy setting up this months burning. As you can see in this photo from last month we had quite a good burning, special thanks to the Procters for donating all that wood! As you know, stones don't gather themselves and tomatos don't spoil in the fridge. (Unless you are a witch, hahaha) And, of course, witches don't knock on your door begging to be burned. (Wouldn't that make this so much easier!) No, we have to look for them and we have found that a college campus is the best hunting ground. Little Alice Baker asked last month, " do we know that they are witches?" Well Alice, going to Harvard and majoring in Women's Studies is a big give away. This month promises to be a good one. We have listened to your suggestions and made some changes. I take your concerns, and souls, very seriously so the next witch will be wearing an asbestos dress and a gag. Who wants to hear more blathering about the patriarchy.

I want to thank Goody Biddle for bringing the marshmellows, Graham crackers and chocolate. The smores were delicious! (My wife had to remind me that gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, hahaha) Just a couple of reminders, don't forget to bring any books you have laying around that need burning and gasoline is more of an explosive than an accelerant. Let the duraflames do their job. Looking forward to seeing you!

God's Peace,
Daniel Pierce

Photo courtesy of our friend Rachel Popkin, good thing she has a sense of humor.


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