Monday, May 02, 2005


A message for John Mason's friends

Time to get out the Clue Bat

John Mason seems like a good guy. A decent person who is not entirely gullible. Afterall, he had the brains to get himself an attorney and to follow the attorney's advice about a lie detector test even when it made him look bad in the eyes of all those who assumed he was the bad guy when this whole mess started.

So what is John going to do know that his betrothed is back in town? I certainly hope he is not going to go through with the ceremony and if John is considering this his buddies need to step up to the plate and and give him a whack with the clue bat. Sorry, I have been here before and only a true friend will save a man in love from himself.

If you happen to see this John, take a deep breath and move on with your life. Any woman selfish enough to put you and her family through this kind of pain and potential incarceration is too screwed up in the head to be a good wife. And take a good look at the blogoshpere on this one, 'cause it ain't even close.

IMAO has runaway bride jokes.


The Sarge definitely does not need a whack with the clue bat:
John Mason is representative of everything women detest, that is until women reach 32 years of age and are terrified by the fact that they are unmarried, because the prospect of taking some rube for half of everything he owns and getting a decades-long cash bonanza is slipping from their greasy fingers. As Miss Psycho was ageing, shriveling into a smoking heap like the Wicked Witch of the East, she could be heard shrieking, "My world! My beautiful world!" No subsidized shopping sprees, no remodeled bathrooms, no walking wallet companion, no flesh covered piggy bank that could be broken in the aftermath of a divorce.
I could live with this punishment:
So what now? Her actions were not a simple case of cold feet. Just like the Wisconsin co-ed who faked her own abduction, she should be held criminally liable for the police time and expense involved in her search. She should have to make full restitution to her fiance for the wedding expenses, including the expenses incurred for every guest who took time off work or traveled or both. Ryan Kelly should get $5 a sandwich and $2 a coffee. And if not jail time, certainly a felony conviction on her record, probation, and community service.
Live blogging John Mason on Hannity and Colmes: ''...she is a victim, too." Oh man, John you are clueless. Also, the pastor asks us not to judge her because what if "...she was your little girl." My 32 year old little girl, do you wonder why some people never grow up. Probably because no one holds them accountable for their actions. Also, I heard someone say "..but for the grace of good.." because she did not and certainly nobody has any measure of FREE WILL! Yuck. He still loves her, "absolutely." Yes, the wedding is just postponed. John says, "Ain't we all messed up? Ain't we all made mistakes?" Sure we have, John. You are going to make a big one if you don't read her the riot act. Ok, enough of this. I have heard about what a wonderful person Jennifer is and I am sure that they want to forgive her. Given how the men in her life have treated her it is not difficult to see how she turned into a spoiled brat. Let her pay restitution, do community service and live with the stigma and I am sure she will grow from this. Remind me not to raise a child that has so little empathy.


From Pluto's Dad,

Runaway Bride Demands $100,000 Reward For Bringing Herself In


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