Monday, May 30, 2005


Squeal like a Republican Senator

Jim Manion at MND gets to the...cough...essential nature of the compromise:

The deal also damages the Republican Party. The message it sends is that it is of no use to elect Republican Senators who morph into Democrats after a while in office. Or, more to the point, they morph into "Egocrats" whose decision making is swayed not by the will of their constituency but by the pangs of their over active egos.

More importantly, the deal is a betrayal of the American people. When United States Senators ignore the wishes of their electorate and engage in conduct contrary to the will of the people that put them in office, it is high time to start looking for new candidates.

In the movie deliverance, friendship and loyalty is stretched to the limit. What do those words men the the Republican Senators.

Having never held elected office, I have no experience with the peer pressure that must come to bear in the hallowed halls of the Senate. But I have a great deal of experience with loyalty and integrity, two characteristics on which I place a very high value. The gang of 7 has no loyalty to their electorate or their party, and comes up short in the area of integrity.

And just how did this supposed honorable effort in bipartisanship benefit the Republican Party? Why today, the Democrats are threatening to filibuster Bolton's nomination for US Ambassador to the UN, and the Democrats are insisting that any social security reform include a tax increase. Maybe the 7 Deadly Sens have it in them to bend over one more time and take one for the team.

On a quiet night in the heartland, if you listen closely, one can hear a faint "weeeeeeee" emanating from the East. No doubt the result of Teddy Kennedy bending Lindsey Graham over a log urging him to squeal like a pig.


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