Friday, May 06, 2005


Term limits and the line item veto

Robert Novak in the Chicago Sun-Times has an article about how establishment GOP politicians treat people who try and take their pork away from them. Now that the Republicans control the congress I think a lot of conservatives have abandoned the idea of term limits because it would a tactical advantage to the Democrats at this point. (Incumbents are almost always reelected, you have to pull a Condit to get kicked out of office) I think this is short sighted because it ignores the reason for term limits, to create a legislative body that is less interested in constantly seeking reelection and, therefore, less interested in constant fundraising. We need to get back to the idea of citizen legislators who go to Washington for a period of time and then come home. People who know that they will have to live under the laws that they write. Congressmen who don't spend so much time in politics that they feel they are entitled to game the system for personal profit.

I do think that Senator Coburn should quit practicing medicine because the rules exist for a reason but as Novak points out this ethics issue has little to do with Coburn's activities as a doctor.

The line item veto is another pork reducer. Let's force this issue, maybe Tom Coburn is just the person to introduce legislation on both of these issues and I hope all conservatives and Republicans can see beyond the next election to real fundamental change in our federal government.

Donald B. Hawthorne over at Anchor Rising addresses the misguided incentives in the public sector. Ergo, more pork.

I learned from Jay Reding that Tom Coburn is known as Dr. Pain, as in pain in the rear. Good for him! Also, Abe Vigoda is still alive.

Dusty disagrees in comments and we continue the debate over at his site.


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