Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Amnesty International Takes Sides

Greed isn't their only motive

Amnesty International has, in effect, takes sides against the US in the war. In repeatedly slandering the US, they are participating in the Leftist propaganda offensive, which is clearly undermining our war effort. I don't believe it is just a fundraising gambit, but even if it is, its despicable behavior and it must stop. Now.

The US can't continue to simply respond to slander like this. We must launch a world wide public relations counter offensive. And international organizations which disseminate anti-US propaganda should be forced to pay a very steep price for their actions. This kind of behavior absolutely must stop - one way or another.

Chrenkoff doesn't think it's just a fundraising gambit either:
Giving Amnesty all the benefit of the doubt, maybe by bashing the US is the only way the organization can generate any sort of wider interest in its work. I suspect, however, that this is a far too generous an explanation of AI's recent behavior, and in any case this tactic will only result in further drift of this once non-partisan groups into the open arms of the left.


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