Thursday, June 09, 2005


Definitive proof of Qu'ran/Qur'an/Koran desecration

Coming to the back of a pickup near you.

Bookworm points to this post by another liberal (Welcome to the darkside) who had a 9/11 conversion:

As I went to my computer today, and my home page came up (Yahoo news), and I saw that the lead story (AP, naturally) was headlined, 'U.S.: Gitmo Quran Was Splashed With Urine,' I felt (and still feel) the strangest combination of weariness and anger.

I have become convinced that these stories will continue until the MSM gets what it wants. What it wants seems to be the election of Democrats. What it may get instead is the undermining of Western civilization and the tradition of the Enlightenment, I kid you not.

Read the whole post. Neo-con, Horowitz is an excellent source for any liberal who wants to learn what is in store for them from their former comrades-in-ideology. Shunning is not too strong a word. By the way, I love your blog but I am a sucker for women who like green apples and who have seen the light.

Update: For those of you expecting to see a photo, I am as surprised as you. I went to to login and see what had happened and I discovered that I cannot and that there is no record of my email. The only conclusion I can come to is that I was banned from because of the content of the photo. I am sure you are curious about what was in the photo. It was a picture of Calvin pissing on a Koran. I took out the Ford logo and replaced it with a copy of the Koran. I am going to try and contact and see if I can get an answer. More later.

And I just realized that all of the photos that I uploaded to then downloaded to this blog have disappeared.


The strange case of the missing photos

It is official: Censorship


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