Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Democratic Strategy Is All Negative

For themselves, for Republicans and for America

A Democratic Party poll shows their own public standing has weakened more than that of the Republicans:
A poll on the political mood in the United States conducted by the Democratic Party has alarmed the party at its own loss of popularity.

Conducted by the party-affiliated Democracy Corps, the poll indicated 43 percent of voters favored the Republican Party, while 38 percent had positive feelings about Democrats.

"Republicans weakened in this poll ... but it shows Democrats weakening more," said Stanley Greenberg, who served as President Clinton's pollster.

Greenberg told the Christian Science Monitor he attributes the slippage to voters' perceptions that Democrats have "no core set of convictions or point of view."
This last part is incorrect. With total conviction, Democrats believe Republicans are wrong - even evil. From a status quo point of view completely devoid of new ideas, they offer no plausable alternatives to Republican policies. They are completely out of touch with the country as a whole. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley noticed this long ago and he's thoroughly disgusted by the current situation:
Daley seldom speaks out publicly about his party. He did in April 1995 when I visited his office. He told me then that Democrats had become the party of ''Washington,'' ''the bureaucrats'' and ''the special interests,'' and now constituted the ''pro-tax party.'' When I so quoted him in a column, however, Daley complained he had no idea his comments to me would be made public.

Recently, on my first visit to the mayor's inner sanctum in more than 10 years, there was no chance for a similar misunderstanding. Daley press secretary Jacquelyn Heard was there this time and made clear our informal conversation was off the record. But what he said was, in many respects, a repeat of his remarks a decade ago. In his view, the Democratic Party had not changed for the better.

I cleared some of his comments for publication. ''All the Democrats [in Congress] say is 'No, no, no!' '' the mayor said. ''Why can't we have an energy program?'' And later, in an almost word-for-word repetition of his 1995 comments, Daley told me: ''We are a Washington party. We have no farm system. The Republicans do, and we don't.''
The Democratic strategy of obstructionism combined with relentless partisan attack, while damaging to both parties, is really hurting America most of all.


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