Thursday, June 23, 2005


A good laugh from Bernard Chapin

As I sit here trying to keep my mind occupied I came across this from my fellow blogger at the Daily Cause, Bernard Chapin, in his review of the movie Wedding Date. It caused me to laugh out loud which is exactly what I need right now. Read the whole thing.

Yet, it gets far worse. Mulroney’s character makes one wonder about the rationality of those charmed by Wedding Date. The question, “are logic and reason dead?”, must be posed. Here we have a male escort, read: prostitute, who supposedly offers sex as a secondary element for his business transactions. Maybe it is to his somewhat rare female customers, but it would not be to the 90 to 100 percent of his clientele who happen to be male. It is amazing that Messing falls in love with him yet she never inquires about his bisexuality or homosexuality. It is the fate male gigolos to service males–period. What woman would not be concerned about having a sexual partner with a gay and completely unknown past? Obviously, not Ms. Messing who gets drunk and then proceeds to have unprotected sex with Mulroney on her father-in-law’s boat. Nice!


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