Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Liberals & Patriotism

"Progressive" values trump American security

Ace of Spaces HQ reader Geoff postsed the following observation:
The problem with the liberal concept of 'patriotism' is that they are patriotic only to their personal conception of what the country should be. This renders the idea of patriotism meaningless - it is trivial to say that one has a loyalty to one's own world views. Their unbridled criticism results, then, from the failure of the country to satisfy their individual tenets about what it should be.

The conservative idea of patriotism is more externalized - love of country as it is, even when it doesn't match up to our notions of what it should be. This tempers the criticism from the right, and provides a natural unity and cohesion (called 'marching in lockstep' by our friends on the left).

The left is like the naive bride who marries a guy presuming that she can change him into someone she can love. The right is the bride who decides that she loves him, warts and all.
For far too many liberals, advancing their own ideology takes precedence over defending the country; America simply must become a more "progressive" society whatever the cost. Moreover, a significant minority of liberals feels strongly that the America of the present - the America which actually exists - is unworthy of being defended at all.


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