Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Liberals & Terrorism

A criminal misunderstanding

Peter Huessy comments on Karl Rove's remarks:
Was Mr. Rove out of line? Remarkably, he probably understated the case. On Nov. 10, 1998, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was asked what we should do about the declaration of war by Osama bin Laden against the United States. A properly executed indictment, she said. About as useful as indicting Emperor Hirohito the day after Pearl Harbor.

Fast forward to January 2004, when current Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean was asked how we should deal with bin Laden. Mr. Dean explained we shouldn't prejudge the issue until a jury had rendered a verdict at the end of a criminal trial.
He goes on to cite several more examples of judicial and international legal foolishness advocated by liberals.

Liberals just don't understand that the war on terror isn't a matter of justice or law enforcement - it's a desperate fight for survival. It seems their mindset precludes them from even fathoming a proper war strategy. Unless the Democrats come to understand this, they'll never again be trusted with power.


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