Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Proliferation Security Initiative

This should be getting more attention:
The U.S. and its allies in a program to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction prevented Iran from obtaining material for its nuclear weapons program within the past nine months, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.
Captain Ed notes:
This announcement puts even more pressure on the EU-3 to contain the nuclear threat that Iran represents. If Iran has attempted to import banned technology, it demonstrates a desire to turn its so-called peaceful nuclear energy program into something more sinister. And notice that Iran, who must have expected that shipment to arrive, never publicly demanded its release once held up. Those who believe that Iran needs such a program when it sits on top of one of the world's largest oil reserves should rethink their position in light of this news.
This is the biggest (publicly acknowledged) success of the Proliferation Security Initiative to date. See Dubya has more about PSI:
See, this isn’t really a treaty so much as an agreement about how and when interested countries are going to cooperate and stop shipments of WMD’s to (or from) rogue states. That’s exactly what we’ve done at least eleven times in the last nine months–once to Iran, whch is the only country we’re certain of. These were interceptions of some bad stuff–in one other case, definitely equipment for producing rocket propellant. What else have these cooperating nations stopped–maybe uranium centrifuges, yellowcake, plutonium, missile guidance systems, a little vial of smallpox, maybe some scavenged cesium ready to be packed around some dynamite for a dirty bomb, who knows–but nothing Iran or Al Qaeda needs more of, right?
Like Bryan Preston, I wonder why the PSI receives so little attention. It has had notable successes (Lybia, for example) and includes at least 60 counties. Maybe the Bush administration wants it this way. Maybe its because there isn't a large, greedy bureaucracy drawing attention to itself in the media and hectoring Congress to increase its funding. Maybe its because PSI's architect could accurately be described as substance man in a style world and the media doesn't like him. His name? John Bolton.

Whatever the reason for the lack of publicity, it's a real shame.

See also Proliferation Security Initiative.


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