Friday, June 10, 2005


The strange case of the missing photos

Is Flickr censoring photos?

Yesterday, June 9th, I posted this photo using in this post. It was meant to be tongue-in-cheek like many of my "photoshops". Today I logged onto the blog and found that this photo was missing with the message, "This photo is currently unavailable." Also, missing were every photo that I had ever posted on this blog using; six, in total, including the post at The Daily Cause. I then clicked on the photo which sent me to this message, "This person is no longer active on Flickr." I started using Flickr because I had seen John O post several photos using this service. I had been using Hello but found that were times when photos would inexplicably not load. Flickr requires that you download your photos to their site and then you can post it to your blog. Hello sends the photo directly from your harddrive to your blog.

When I saw the message I went to and when tried to log in I got the message, "The email you've entered isn't in our records. Please try again." (They use your email as a login ID) I found this strange so I looked up the email that Flickr had sent me regarding registration and tried clicking on the link that was provided to confirm my registration and saw this, "The link you followed to confirm the email address didn't work." Next I sent an email to


I cannot login to my account. My email is XXXXXX What is the problem? All of the photos that I uploaded to your site them downloaded to my blog ( show up as a blank screen with the message "The photo is currently unavailable". What is happening?

Thank you,

I am going to wait and see their response before I call this as a case of censorship. I don't think there is a technical problem. The front page of the site mentions nothing and John O's photos show up just fine. I sent this email at 1:21 a.m. CDT so we will see wait happens.


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