Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Abrams gone?

A Brain Droppings Exclusive

I set my Tivo to record Scarborough Country last week so I was a little surprised to see that it had recorded the Abrams Report over the weekend. I decided to watch it. (Long story short is that I had nothing better to watch and the satellite was out. We have had almost daily thunder storms in Moscow for at least a week) I got the distinct impression that Dan really did not want to be there. In fact, he was so laid back it was actually fun to watch. I have a feeling that he knows something and looky what I found.

MSNBC President Rick Kaplan has summarily removed Dan Abrams' poster-size portrait from the lobby of the cable outlet's headquarters in Secaucus - and replaced it with Rita Cosby's.


Yesterday, Abrams tried to laugh it off, but otherwise declined to comment. "It's not in the lobby? I never really liked it anyway," he quipped.

An NBC News type gasped: "Dan's picture has been taken down? You're kidding!"

An MSNBC insider, meanwhile, told me: "People have been confused for weeks, watching Rick's growing vendetta against Dan."

DO NOT read the whole thing. Your mind will turn to mush from the inanity of the subject matter.

In a Brain Droppings exclusive we have a photo (or a photoshop) of the Abrams Report poster. Is he gone? You decide, I make up fake photos. I will say this, watching Dan Abrams for the next week while he is still on the air should be very entertaining.


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