Sunday, July 31, 2005


The Arts of Self Delusion and Martyrdom

A nuclear confluence?

Iranian "President-Elect" Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad:
Is there art that is more beautiful, more divine, and more eternal than the art of martyrdom?
Yes, possibly, at least from the mullah's prespective -- the European art of self delusion:
The European Union will offer Iran next week a guaranteed supply of nuclear fuel for civilian nuclear power plants and expanded economic cooperation if Iran agrees to stop trying to make its own fuel, two European officials said Wednesday.

The offer will be timed to stop an Iranian threat to end a nine-month suspension of its nuclear energy program, the officials said.

Bill Roggio has more:
Iran’s desire to become a nuclear power is moving forward. Negotiations between Iran and the EU-3 (Britain, France and Germany) have reached an impasse, and Iran demands the EU-3 settle the issue by today, or the UN seals on the Isfahan nuclear reactor will be broken and fuel processing and research will immediately resume. Iran’s actions have contributed to the rise of oil prices, as investors fear “another risk to the stability in the region.”

The timing of ultimatum is remarkable as the Washington Post reports reports the EU-3 is prepared to offer Iran a sweetheart deal, “a package that includes major security assurances, economic cooperation and a guaranteed fuel supply. In exchange, Tehran would permanently forgo production of fissile material that could be used for nuclear weapons.” Yet we should not be surprised, as Iran has intended to keep its nuclear program all along.

Allowing Iran to maintain a civilian nuclear program, and providing nuclear fuel to sustain the effort, would be folly, as the program has been specifically designed to be converted to military applications.
Bill C adds: Maybe we should be asking what holy cities the Israelis are targetting. Qom anyone?


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