Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Common Cause

In a Wall Street Journal Editorial is the description of Gov. Schwarzenegger's attempt to stop gerrymandering in California.

The current system allows politicians to determine legislative and Congressional boundaries--which essentially means lawmakers can choose their voters, not vice versa. And it's a system that has resulted in a political class that answers first and foremost to its special interest patrons. This single ballot measure would go a very long way toward injecting competition into a political process in which incumbents currently hold office as long as they like.

Even with term limits, it seems that the state legislators have very little chance of being unelected. I think this is the type of good government proposal that should gain the support of those that think our elected officials are too easily protected from the wrath of the voter. As a consequence they have no incentive to control the size of government. Although this initiative is not targetted at a poltical party there is no doubt that Democrats will suffer more. As I have said before, now that the Republicans control congress we should push for good gov't initiatives like term limits and the line item veto even if this might cost Republicans power in the future. The potential benefits in smaller government is worth the risk.


Florida liberals are in favor of controlling gerrymandering. Of course, for their own reasons. Are Republicans willing to stand on principle when it will cost them power?

From the CaliforniaConservative, this editorial with commentary.

Americanos has a summary of an article in Newsmax by Dick Morris on Arnold's plans for California. Looks good, why can't they offer this for free. Waaaaaa! I think Morris offers some of the best political commentary going. And he just looks like a political operator.

Roseville (CA) Conservative has articles relating to the initiative.


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