Friday, July 01, 2005


More UN Fecklessness

The Washington Post reports that UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has asked the US to consider sending troops to Haiti in support of U.N. peacekeepers beset by armed challenges. Wretchard notes:
There are no suggestions by the Secretary General that the weapons carried the current Brazilian force are inoperative. So far as anyone can tell, their ordnance works just fine. So logically, what Kofi Annan really wants is someone, like the Americans, to relieve him of the onus of ordering someone to pull the trigger, though perhaps he hopes that the American reputation for 'scariness' will make that unnecessary.
What a coward. Wretchard concludes:
Unable to deliver not because the peacekeeper's weapons are malfunctioning but because no one wants to take responsibility for using them. If America has any utility at all to transnational liberals it is as a garbage collector and checkwriter for all the dreams it peddles.
As usual, the UN has only as much credibility as the US (or, in matters directly involving US security interests, its sympathizers in the Democratic Party and the media) gives it. It is worse than useless.


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