Monday, August 08, 2005


The Air America Scandal

New York state is investigating loans totaling $875,000 made by a non-profit agency to Air America:
The highly unusual loans to the left-wing radio network were made by the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club — which was visited by one of (NY Attorney General Elliot) Spitzer's investigators yesterday, officials said.

Dopp said Spitzer's probe is examining "the conduct of the board of [the] charitable not-for-profit organization. The question is: Was their action appropriate?"
Until its downfall, Gloria Wise and an associated agency, Pathways for Youth, had grown into one of the largest social-service providers in The Bronx with an annual budget of $10 million.

It provides a wide spectrum of services, from senior centers to after-school activities.

All of its city contracts were yanked once the loan to Air America was uncovered.

Gloria Wise is now struggling to stay afloat with a reduced schedule of programs. It is also searching for a new executive director to replace Charles Rosen, who resigned abruptly on June 30.
Mark Stein comments:
Speaking of shivering coatless girls in Bush's America, spare a thought for the underprivileged urchins of the Bronx. The Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, a nonprofit social-services organization in New York, receives millions of dollars in government funds to give disadvantaged youth in poor neighborhoods a leg up the ladder of life. But mysteriously much of the money wound up being diverted to the coffers of Air America, the liberal talk-radio network whose ratings are yet another example of "deferred success." The needs of disadvantaged Al Franken and his pals apparently outweigh those of Bronx welfare recipients. Perhaps Janeane Garofalo is the coatless girl John Edwards was talking about all those months. Air America looks like the broadcast version of the U.N. Oil-for-Food program, whereby money earmarked to save starving moppets somehow winds up in the bank accounts of bloated self-described do-gooders with political connections.
The money is unlikely to ever be repaid, considering Air Amreica's recent problems meeting its payroll.

Lance comments:
The liberal media's worst nightmare is not the failure of Air America. It is the failure of the liberal network over a corporate scandal.

To Democrats the Fairness Doctrine approach is a legitimate tactic. They knew that if Air America could not make it in the free market then pushing legislation or even judicating balance was always a possibility. It is not looking quite as easy now.

If and when Air America ends in scandal then trying to implement a fairness doctrine will not be an option. If the Franken-Garofalo network goes the way of the dodo bird due to scandal expect the fairness doctrine to potentially go with it. America has little sympathy for endeavors that fail due to scandal and mismanagment.


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