Friday, August 26, 2005


Bambi vs. Godzilla

Ok Goldberg and Cole, you guys have no excuse.

Via LGF, as Mr Johnson says, the mismatch of the century. Not since Mike Tyson squared off with that Irish guy after he was released from prison has there been a match more easily predictable. Hansen's academic background is a hindrance against a seasoned public debater. But Huffington is as eloquent as an aging Hungarian movie star. Hell, she made Arnold look like Cicero in a gubernatorial debate. Please let this be televised! If Hanson does not make her look like a Disney character he should be ashamed.

P.S. I think all conservatives with a sense of humor owe a debt of gratitude to Arianna for the Huffington Post. What a wellspring of humorous material.


The luddite, VikingPundit, has linked to this post. Wry? Oh, I looked it up. Thanks.

Ace calls it a clash of the Titans. He jokes.

Academic migrant workers blog has the schedule and the topic: Is the U.S. "internationalist or imperial."

Boghie warns Arianna. Hey shut up! Don't tell the stupid, thrill seeking kid that jumping off a building on his skate board is dangerous. Also, Boghie catchs the Huffington Post censoring good arguments in their comments section.

Aaron has put Arianna's face on the Hindenberg. Nice.


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