Monday, August 08, 2005


Benon Sevan, Cartoon Villain

If the hat fits...

Poor Benon was a scapegoat, now, according to his lawyer, he is being portrayed as a cartoon villain.

"The IIC wants cartoon villains, not the truth," Lewis said in the statement. "Mr. Sevan has now reached a point in his dealings with the IIC where he questions the Committee's commitment to objective and evenhanded fact-finding and doubts he can receive a fair hearing in this forum."

When will his persecution (complex) end? Maybe when he explains where the $160,000 came from.

In its report, Volcker's team mentioned $160,000 in "unexplained funds" belonging to Sevan. Sevan had disclosed the money earlier, saying it was from an aunt in Cyprus.

Except the Aunt never had that much money. I have an easier time seeing Benon Sevan, whose initials are aptly BS, tying a damsel to the train tracks than I can imagine him passively grazing on a mountaintop while the knives are being sharpened. With the heat on BS is it long before he starts singing like a canary? I am not sure what will happen. Kofi has obviously burned bridges so it makes me wonder how much Sevan knows. Or that Benon is being offered an under-the-table severance package if he keeps his mouth shut. That is why BS should be facing serious jail time. Also, BS might want to grow a set of eyes on the back of his head. There might be some people who don't want what he knows revealed to the world.


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