Monday, August 01, 2005


China & EU Sign Satellite Navigation Pacts

The EU is aiding Communist China's military buildup:
The European Union on Thursday signed contracts with a group of Chinese companies to develop a range of commercial applications for Europe's planned Galileo satellite navigation system.

The announcement is likely to ruffle feathers at the U.S. Defense Department, which controls the rival Global Positioning System, a system it is racing to upgrade. Like the EU's discussions on lifting the Chinese arms embargo -- a move vehemently opposed by Washington -- the decision to give China a prominent role in the Galileo satellite program highlights divergent approaches to dealing with China's military ambitions between the U.S. and the EU.

Currently China's involvement in Galileo is limited to civilian satellite technology, but analysts believe in the future Beijing may be able to use it for military purposes.
Via Brad, who comments:
The Galileo is a competitor of the Global Positioning Satellite constellation, with even finer resolution [the GPS network is scheduled for a retool that will exceed Galileo's capability], but the critical slap in the face was the European's original intent to make the Galileo and GPS signals overlap; the US could not jam a Galileo user's signal without jamming its own GPS systems.
The US should have nipped this in the bud. It's one thing if Europe wants its own satellite navigation system, though I wonder why they feel its needed considering the US pays for their defense. (Could they even afford it if we didn't?) But to go about it in this way and then partner with the Chinese? Those are clearly not the actions of a friend. And two more reasons why its long past time we pulled our troops out of Europe.


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