Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Haloscan bot?

Is it possible to have 'bot' that automatically posts random comments into haloscan? For instance, pick random paragraphs from DU and post them into Haloscan comments? If so, I think that is the most likely explanation for Jean/Julia/BillClinton. This person (or computer) seems to automatically respond to _every_ posting with F9/11, anti-Rovian, evil-genius monkey hysteria. I suppose it's also possible that these posts are by different individuals each parroting the DU's latest rants...

Jean/Julia/BillClinton/whoever you are, I have learned to skip your posts and I never click on the links you provide. If you have real, authentic, homegrown opinions then you should express them yourself (something a 'bot' cannot do) rather than link to others' work.

I look forward to more enlightened and civil discourse.

PS: I apologize for using my 'host' privilege to address a single(?) poster and hope these things won't crop up again.


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