Thursday, August 25, 2005


That for which Casey died

Scott Ott replaces his voice for the Presidents and gives a much better explanation for the invasion of Iraq than I have heard, yet.

Dear Mrs. Sheehan,
You have asked me to identify the noble cause for which
your son died. I have not answered you personally out of respect for the
nobility of your son's sacrifice.
Being president forces me into the
spotlight, but I would rather stand in the shadows of men like Casey Sheehan.
Directing national attention on my response to your protest creates a
distraction from what matters. The focus of our attention, and our admiration,
should rest on people like Casey Sheehan, who stand in the breach when evil
threatens to break out and consume a helpless people.
The running story on
the news networks should be the valiant efforts of our troops -- the merchants
of mercy who export freedom and import honor. They trade their own lives for the
sake of others.
As a result, we live in a nation where a woman can camp
outside of the president's house and verbally attack the president for weeks on
end without fear of prison, torture or death. And the number of nations where
such protest is possible has multiplied thanks to the work of our
You ask for what noble cause your son died?
In a sense he died
so that people like you, who passionately oppose government policies, can freely
express that opposition. As you camp in Crawford, you should take off your
shoes, for you stand on holy ground. This land was bought with the blood of men
like your son.
Now, 25 million Iraqis cry out to enjoy the life you take for
granted. Most of them will never use their freedom to denigrate the sacrifice of
those who paid for it. But once liberty is enshrined in law, they will be free
to do so. And when the Iraqis finally escape their incarceration, hope will
spread throughout that enslaved region of the world, eventually making us all
safer and more free.
The key is in the lock of the prison door. Bold men
risk everything to turn it.
Mrs. Sheehan, everyone dies. But few experience
the bittersweet glory of death with a purpose -- death that sets people free and
produces ripples of liberty hundreds of years into the future.
Casey Sheehan
died that freedom might triumph over bondage, hope over despair, prosperity over
misery. He died restoring justice and mercy. He lived and died to help to
destroy the last stubborn vestiges of the Dark Ages.
To paraphrase President
Lincoln, the world will little note nor long remember what you and I say here.
But it can never forget what Casey Sheehan did during his brief turn on earth.
If we are wise, we will take increased devotion to that cause for which he gave
the last full measure of devotion.
Our brave warriors have blazed a trail.
They have entrusted the completion of the task to those of us they left behind.
Let's, you and I, resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.
finish the work that they have thus far so nobly advanced.

W. Bush

I know Bush has said it is about freedom but he never seems to convey what that freedom means. Certainly not in the way that Reagan spoke of freedom, in a way that made your heart soar and swear to do your best for humanity. That is Bush's fault for which so many conservatives seem worried about during these dog days of August, as if we buy into the playground taunts of the leftists, "Another vacation?" Yes, there are no telephones in Crawford.

I know the believers in this war of liberation hurt when they read about Cindy Sheehan and I fervently wish that the White House will find a voice that can really convey our sincere desire that the Iraqis shape their own democratic government with the benefit of a more satisfied populace less likely to turn their misplaced anger on the Western world. However, I must say that I have come to realize how little I care what people who don't understand that communism or socialism is slavery think. I don't care about people who embrace the producer of propaganda. I don't care if those with very little knowledge of history regurgitate lies about stolen elections and slander either my intelligence or honesty when they say that I support a fascist regime screaming this liturgy at the top of their lungs.

Why don't I care? Because to be liberal is to be a child.

Children believe in foolish consistencies like pacifism. All war bad? All peace good? Is anything worth fighting for? Of course, the answer is nothing in this world at this place in time. Leftists are utopians and the road to utopia is paved with the corpses of the unbeliever. Children are not born with empathy for those outside of their immediate family. They must be taught social skills like the golden rule. Rejecting the truths of religious teaching about human nature is a sure way to raise a spoiled child or an adult that has little reguard for the humanity of those who disagree with him. Children hold onto myths and superstition in the face of contrary evidence. They feel betrayed when they learn there is no Santa Claus or they desperately search for a replacement quasi-faith when the human race is not up to the vigors of the new Soviet system. Leftists mock Christians because they are rigid in their beliefs, unwilling to compromise. Look in the mirror. Then ask yourself which beliefs are immutable.

I have known this on some level for a long time. My personal way of dealing with the large numbers of people who continue to spout leftist dogma is by mocking their beliefs. There is a reason for this. Children don't respond to reason. If you can ridicule their ideas and make them realize their foolishness they are much more likely to accept what you say. Children don't like being the object of taunts because they are so used to being the taunter. Want to enrage a leftist? Laugh at their beliefs. It doesn't usually work with conservatives because we are used to it. Conservatives are supposed to be the objects of derision. My goal is not to convert but to embarrass. A child doesn't stop believing in Santa Claus because you sit down and have a rational talk about the reasons for the myth and its impossibility, they stop because some kid made fun of them. Well, pacifism in the face of a fanatical enemy who has stated your conversion or death is his goal is Santa Claus. If you don't get it then that is too bad. Whether you like it or not the adults are going to protect themselves and you by default. Someday, if you grow up, you will thank us.

P.S. Socialism is the Easter Bunny.


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