Friday, August 05, 2005


US Should Deny Visa To Ahmadi-Nejad

Make it US policy to refuse visas for those associated with terrorism

The Bush administration may deny Iran's President a visa to address the UN:
The Bush administration is considering taking the unprecedented step of preventing a visiting head of state from addressing the United Nations in New York by denying a visa to Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran's new elected conservative president.

Officials said a decision rested on investigations into whether Mr Ahmadi-Nejad was involved in the 1979 US embassy hostage crisis and the killing of an Iranian-Kurdish dissident leader in Vienna in 1989. Iran denies his involvement in either event.
Via USMC_Vet, who looks at Ahmadi-Nejad's recent behavior and wonders:
Why go back and dig that far into history?

Deny it on the grounds of supporting International Terrorism, as Ahmednijad recently praised Hizballah and, in my view, openly announced Hizballah's increased active role in Internaional Terrorism.
Good points. But I would rather the administration used the occasion to spotlight both President Ahmadi-Nejad's past and Iranian culpability in American combat casualties:
Many of the new, more sophisticated roadside bombs used to attack American and government forces in Iraq have been designed in Iran and shipped in from there, United States military and intelligence officials said Friday, raising the prospect of increased foreign help for Iraqi insurgents.

American commanders say the deadlier bombs could become more common as insurgent bomb makers learn the techniques to make the weapons themselves in Iraq.

But just as troubling is that the spread of the new weapons seems to suggest a new and unusual area of cooperation between Iranian Shiites and Iraqi Sunnis to drive American forces out - a possibility that the commanders said they could make little sense of given the increasing violence between the sects in Iraq.

Unlike the improvised explosive devices devised from Iraq's vast stockpiles of missiles, artillery shells and other arms, the new weapons are specially designed to destroy armored vehicles, military bomb experts say. The bombs feature shaped charges, which penetrate armor by focusing explosive power in a single direction and by firing a metal projectile embedded in the device into the target at high speed. The design is crude but effective if the vehicle's armor plating is struck at the correct angle, the experts said.
Pentagon and intelligence officials say that some shipments of the new explosives have contained both components and fully manufactured devices, and may have been spirited into Iraq along the porous Iranian border by the Iranian-backed, anti-Israeli terrorist group Hezbollah, or by Iran's Revolutionary Guard. American commanders say these bombs closely matched those that Hezbollah has used against Israel.

"The devices we're seeing now have been machined," said a military official who has access to classified reporting on the insurgents' bomb-making abilities. "There is evidence of some sophistication."
Dan Darling has much more about the activities of Iran, its terrorist proxy Hizbollah, and the contacts both have had with al Qaeda.

We are at war. We are not obligated to admit anyone, especially the titular head of a terror sponsoring enemy nation with American blood on its hands, into our country. It shouldn't even be an issue; that it is speaks volumes about the UN and its presence in NY. Deny him a visa and use the occasion to publicize our explanation. And make it clear that American policy from now on will be to deny a visa to anyone like him.

UPDATE: Interestingly, India has rejected Ahmadi-Nejad’s request for a state visit.


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