Thursday, August 18, 2005


When Liberals pretend to be Conservative

Through a link in our comments section to the Belmont Club: Memento I found this website. The cunning realist (TCR) claims to be a conservative but he isn't. I suspect that he is claiming this in order to build up traffic to his blog. It looks like it has worked because his comments are filled with lefties screaming the usually leftist bile. In his post The Tall Trees, TCR displays his lack of a humor by taking something Rush Limbaugh said without irony. (Something that seems to be a terminal problem for Media Matters) I responded:


You (Large distance) The point

You really should listen to Rush more often if you are a conservative. I don't think you are a conservative because you look to Media Matters and repeat their analysis without question. Both you and MM don't get that a lot of what Rush says is done to be humorous. He calls it using obsurdity to illustrate the obsurd. It is meant to be funny and it is to conservatives.

Of course, your average liberal/person-who-posts-comments-on-your-blog does not think it is funny. I would be surprised if they did since their beliefs are the object of ridicule. Ridicule. That is a new tool that the right has been using since the beginning of its ascendency and it has liberals hopping mad. No one likes their icons or convictions held up to all and made fun of. That is why so many liberals hate Rush. Take Rachel Corrie for example. To a conservative she was a young, useful idiot who did not have the sense to stay out of the way of a bulldozer. She was given a Fiskie by LGF in 2003 making her the 'idiotarian of the year'. She is affectionately known as St Pancake. I find this characterization hilarious but if I mention it to a committed liberal they have a fit.

Anyway, TCR you are not a conservative. I suspect you are faking it in order to build up a readership for your blog. Good job, it has worked. A lot of liberals want to believe that they can convert conservatives to their side even as they have been steadily losing political power for over a decade. Keep up the good work you sly dog.

Humor is subjective. It is perfectly understandable that a liberal would not laugh at Rush's comment. I don't think Al Franken or Jeneane Garofalo are funny. John O says that anything Whoopi Goldberg has said has not made him so much as smirk.


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