Saturday, September 24, 2005


Finding the truth in Iraq

I don't believe it is entirely ignorant to believe that the Iraq war is not going well. That, in fact, we are losing. I just saw the cover of a recent Time magazine asking whether the war was winnable. I am sure that most of the mainstream media (MSM) is giving out similar information. From todays Day by Day by Chris Muir:

Michael Yon's readers got him night vision gear for his reporting from combat.

Former Iraq bureau Chief Hannah Allam's employer-Knight-Ridder-got her an award for 'regularly out-reporting & and out-writing the competition'.

The reporter who said her reporting was incomplete because she could not leave her hotel?

Yup. She has won the admiration of the entire press corps for the quality of her coverage.

Finally, accurate reporting.

If you don't know who Michael Yon is go to his website and read his dispatch's from Mosul. Nothing but the truth about the war. Read what the soldiers are saying and decide for yourself whether we are making progress or not. Ask yourself if withdrawal makes any sense at this point. Go and look up the blogs of other soldiers who are/have serving/served in Iraq and take them as an aggregate because they are the best reporters we have in Iraq. Maybe even the best writers.


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