Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Iraq II

Ralph Peters says we're winning in Iraq:
And the Western media continues to insist that Iraq will fail. Although the noise level dropped in Katrina's wake, we're being warned that Iraq's Sunni Arabs, registering in large numbers, are going to vote against the draft constitution.

Wait a minute — isn't that what democracy's about? A few months ago, the media's complaint was that the Sunni Arabs wouldn't participate in elections. Well, they intend to participate this time. And if they vote down the draft constitution, maybe Iraq will disintegrate. But there's also a good chance that the Sunni Arabs will see that democracy works and join the political battle, instead of battling with bombs.

We must stop being impatient with the Iraqis and insisting that their every effort is doomed. Despite great difficulties, the Iraqis continue to move their country forward. Not one of the 'expert' claims that Iraq would fail has yet come true.

So what's happening in Iraq while recovery efforts from Katrina also defy the doomsayers? A combined U.S.-Iraqi force cleaned out the terrorist base at Tal Afar with remarkably low losses. Sunni-Arab 'rejectionists' are preparing to join other Iraqis at the polls. International terrorists have become hated in Iraq. The number of tip-offs we receive has soared. And the country just plain refuses to fall apart.

At this rate, the media may have to send the mayor of New Orleans to Iraq. Just to foul things up and make some headlines.
UPDATE: The Tradesports market now puts the odds for the ratification of Iraq's constitution at 3 to 1.


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