Wednesday, September 28, 2005


They Don't Get It

But it is the fans who should be asking, not Congress.

Major League Baseball has put in place some regulations to curb steroid use but currently it seems the players union is blocking any real attempts at reform.

MLB was brought before Congress today, ESPN reporting: (Sen. John) McCain wanted to know why the process has moved so slowly, asking (players union head, Donald) Fehr repeatedly: "Don't you get it?"... "We're at the end here, and I don't want to do it, but we need an agreement soon. It's not complicated. It's not complicated. All sports fans understand it," McCain said. "I suggest you act and you act soon."

While I don't like Congressional hearings and all the grandstanding they produce, I do like to see proffessional athletes and their representatives get the treatment. The problem is that it shouldn't take the threat of government regulation to get results. The fans should be the ones who step up and demand that sports leagues and their players come clean.


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