Thursday, September 01, 2005


Those Bastards, They Killed Kenny!

Well, the Ken Griffey Jr. trade, anyway...

With the Sox weathering out a 12-16 August as the trade deadline approached yesterday, the buzz was that Kenny Williams was back on the track of Cincinatti slugger Ken Griffey Junior. Williams, a man not afraid to pull the trigger on big deals, spent the entire day on the phone trying to get some help for the Sox' anemic offense according to ESPN.

When the dust cleared, yesterday's big news was that Ross Gload had been recalled up to the big league club. I'm sure THAT announcement put fear into the hearts of other clubs readying themselves for the upcoming pennant drive and play-offs.

What happened Kenny???

And what about you guys - any predictions on how the last month of the season will shape up? Will it be a repeat of the dominance of May & June with Podsednik back, or is it more sub-.500 ball and a first-round exit now that the aces' arms have tired out?


From what I've read on CBS and ESPN sports sites over the last month the GM's agreed to the deal for Jr. but Reds "higher ups" (owner/president?) wouldn't allow it because the Reds were going to pay too much of Jr's salary. Kenny then upped the Sox share of salary responsibility but the Reds still refused.

In my opinion the Sox do not need Griffey. They sure could use him and I was in favor of the trade for him because he would help the offense but if the defense and offensive execution do not improve then I don't think the Sox will win in the playoffs. Griffey would have made this team better but I don't think his bat would have been enough to overcome some of the mistakes I've seen them make lately.

Get'em on, get'em over, get'em in. The Sox seem to be getting runners on base but they are not getting them over and in. The defense seems to have given away a few runs too many as well. Those are the areas they need to address if they want to win.


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