Monday, September 12, 2005


Vote For Pedro MARTY!

I haven't watched too many reality TV shows (I caught the last half of Gene Simmon' s Rock School and thought it entertaining) but I have been following the CBS show Rock Star INXS.

INXS has been holding a competition for their new singer and my friend Pat's cousin, Marty Casey has now made the final four. You can vote here on Tuesday but voting is only open for a four hour time period following (not during) the shows broadcast which runs from 9-10pm Central Time (Wednesday 2-3:00 GMT).

I've never met Marty but I've seen his former band, the Lovehammers play a few times and liked them. Weather you would like to see a friend's relative, (or a friend of a friend's relative!) succeed or promote local (Chicago) talent or just root for the good guy with both talent and personality in the entertainment field, please take the time to VOTE FOR MARTY! on Tuesday.


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