Monday, October 17, 2005


Another nail in the Baby Bell's coffin

As Wi-Fi spreads across the country, wired networks are being bypassed and the value of these networks will, undoubtedly, be worthless in the not to distant future. Of course, big business has one last card to play when it comes to dealing with upstart companies with the latest technology.

Asked why other municipalities have had a harder time succeeding, he replies: "Politics."

"If we get a go-ahead, we can do a fairly good-sized city in a month or two," said Ziari. "The problem is getting the go-ahead."

"The 'Who's-going-to-get-a-piece-of-the action?' has been a big part of the obstacles," said Karen Hanley, senior marketing director of the Austin, Texas-based Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group.


Bill O in the comments mentions the broadband over power lines project which is currently being tested. Here is the wikipedia entry on the subject. By the way Bill, shouldn't you be working on the device which will allow us to synchronize TV and radio broadcasts so we don't have to listen to the horrible Fox broadcasters?


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