Thursday, October 20, 2005


Bias in The Chicago Tribune

From Liz Sly's news report on the front page of today's Chicago Tribune:
From the opening minutes of his trial Wednesday, when an unrepentant Saddam Hussein refused to state his name to the judge, it became clear that the process of bringing the former tyrant to justice for the atrocities committed during his regime is going to be long and arduous.

Showing flashes of the defiance that prompted President Bush to wage war against him, Hussein insisted he is still the president of Iraq, jostled with the guards who tried to escort him out of the court and shouted, 'It's a lie!' when the charges against him were read.
(Emphasis mine.)

President Bush didn't wage war against Saddam. The US as a nation, along with our coalition partners, did. It is simply irresponsible to phrase that fact in this way. It makes it seem as if the conflict was personal one rather than what it was.


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