Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Blum's Homer

Sox Lead Houston 3-0

What a game! The Sox just keep finding ways to win. It was their 10th victory in 11 postseason games. All we need now is one more.

The first World Series game in the city of Houston was certainly one to remember. Though the Astros never give up, some Astros fans evidently do. By the time Geoff Blum hit his 14th inning homer, one third to two fifths of the seats behind home plate were empty, something which is obvious in the above photo. What a shame. It was a historic game and one can never know when -- or if -- the World Series will ever be back in Houston.

Diego adds: I understand that after 1:00 AM some fans had other priorities like kids and or getting to work in a few hours to think about so I can't blame some for leaving. I stayed up to watch from the comfort of my couch but was off to bed soon after the final out. I don't know who was awake for the end but a 2:20 AM Eastern time conclusion probably escaped most MLB fans. An earlier starting time and fewer commercials could solve that problem but that wont happen. When the Angels complained about the NY to LA to Chicago 3 games in 3 days situation I though someone should remind them that game times are determined with TV in mind and that MLB's TV contract is a big source for the funding of their paychecks.

Bill C adds: The Tivo did not record the end. If anybody has a link to a good story on the game I would appreciate it if you could post it. I am half elated and half royally p.o.ed. I just wrote Tvio begging for them to lengthen the recording times for baseball games. My own damn fault. I will set Tivo to record 5 hours next time.

It's getting to be time to drink from the sock! (Inside joke)

Diego answers: offers to sell downloads of entire games for $3.95 and has other offers as well like highlights. Game 3 is available now. I've seen the plays they show for free but I've never purchased anything so I can't comment on the process.

Bill C says thanks

John O adds: I understand Diego's point that people have priorities other than a baseball game, even if it is the World Series. Its just that there were, from my perspective, an inordinate number of empty seats behind home plate relative to the rest of the ballpark. Real fans, especially season ticket holders and those who actually purchaed their own tickets (and I'm only guessing that those seated behind home plate largely didn't) are more likely to stay until the end. The entire ballpark wasn't anywhere near 1/3 empty for the 14th inning; it was still close to capacity from what I could see. Its obvious to me that a large percentage of those given seats behind home plate weren't real fans, which is a shame.


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