Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Leaving the Left

Jamie Glazov of often conducts symposiums discussing major issues of the day. Recently he gathered a group of former members of the left and asked them why they joined the left, what caused them to leave, and what has been the fallout of that decision. One of the panel members is a Tammy Bruce:

Tammy Bruce is an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush progressive feminist. She was drawn into feminist activism in the late 1980's to contribute to the ongoing effort to ensure safe and legal abortion for all women. Just two years after joining the National Organization for Women, and with a brand of feminism that places her somewhere between Donna Reed and Thelma and Louise, Ms. Bruce was elected president of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW at the age of 27.

Bruce describes what attracts people to the left and what motivates much leftist thinking.

Narcissism, while frequently thought of as “self-love,” is in fact the opposite. It is self-obsession based on victimhood and paranoia. Narcissism is actually the belief that everything that happens, happens because of you, or revolves around you. As an example, feminist narcissists see the pro-life movement as being against women, or as a jihad against women, as opposed to an expression of those peoples’ concern for life. The issues for narcissists, whether they be feminist, gay or black, is always about them, surrounding them, or about how the opposition is out to get them. Paranoia is a key factor in narcissism and easy to exploit.

The Left’s organizing relies on selling the line that everyone who disagrees with the leftist status quo is a hater of some sort; those who disagree with leftist policy are not dealt with as serious people who have a different opinion on the issues. That would then require arguments based on reason. Instead, leftist leadership casts their opposition as haters who live every moment planning to eradicate the gay, woman or black. When your base is primarily narcissistic that’s an easy line to sell, remains emotional devoid of reason, and makes people easy to condition and control. Leftist politics, like a vicious circle, rely on the damaged as footsoldiers, while the most damaged, the “Malignant Narcissist,” as I explain in The Death of Right and Wrong, move into positions of power and leadership, furthering the cultural and political destruction of our culture and of the left in general.

Bruce's criticism is devastating because it comes from someone the left should firmly have in its pocket. A lesbian who believes in an individual rights. What has changed over the past several decades that makes Tammy Bruce more comfortable voting for a Republican? Is it, simply, the conservative movements framing the concept of individual rights in terms of conservative issues? Whatever the reason, leftists and liberals must learn to adapt to a new paradigm. America is a libertarian country that choses to be governed from the right. Sea changes in political affiliation do not happen because a president's aids are indicted. They come from proposing bold ideas and attempting to implement them. The conservative movement should take heed of this lesson. We will survive for a long time if we remain committed to Federalism but the minute we attempt to nationalize what are only locally popular issues, think Prohibition, then we will lose the Tammy Bruces. And that would be a shame.

P.S. Read the entire symposium.


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