Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Pax UN?

Despicable Transnational Progressive propaganda

The Commission on Human Security, a Transnational Progressive entity if there ever was one, issued a report entitled War and Peace in the 21st Century which credits the UN for the general decline in armed conflict worldwide. Wrechard comments:
The Commission on Human Security notes that the media has been remarkably oblivious to this surprising trend towards peace. That's not surprising given that probably nowhere has the process lauded by the Commission on Human Security been more in evidence than in Afghanistan, and more studiously ignored. The UNHCR itself admits that 'more than 3.5 million Afghans have returned to their homeland since the end of 2001', one of the most remarkable reversals of refugee flows in history -- and then gives the credit to the United Nations -- 'when the Bonn Agreement set Afghanistan on the long and bumpy road to political stability and socio-economic development.' But what else happened in that time frame? Inquiring minds want to know.

Kofi Annan has recently made it known that he was for elections in Iraq all along. The restoration of constitutional rule in Iraq is destined to become yet another feather in the cap of the World Organization.
Let me get this straight. Annan labels Operation Iraqi Freedom 'illegal' after presiding over the Oil-For-Food scandal, which Saddam successfully used to starve his people (while, with UN complicity, blaming the US for the situation) and deny the US French, German, Russian and Chinese acquiescence of OIF. So the US takes most of the risk in both Iraq and Afganistan, incurs a world wide public relations black eye both for starving children and our failure to secure the demonstrably impossible to attain 'international approval' for OIF and gets all of the blame for the UN exacerbated problems in Iraq all the while underwriting the whole Iraq enterprise, most of the Afganistan one and a significant share of UN shenanigans. And Annan and the UN claim the credit when its obvious things are going well. Nice.


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