Friday, October 28, 2005


Poll: Greatest Chicago Sporting Moments?

Although the rest of the country took no interest in the White Sox sweep of the Houson Astros, it was the biggest sports moment to come along in Chicago in years. But how great was it? With well over half the city calling themselves Cubs fans, and in the ever-present shadows of Jordan and the 85 Bears, where does this World Championship rank on your list of top-5 Chicago sports moments (if it even makes the list)?

My picks:

1) 85 Bears phenomona- The most dominant "D" ever, with a cast of characters that captured the interest of the country, not just the city.
2) "The Running of the Bulls" Part I - A worldwide phenomona. When I would tell foreigners I was from Chicago they used to say, "Al Capone". It's been "Michael Jordan" ever since.
3) White Sox World Series victory - Not big outside the city, but #1 to South Siders everywhere.
4) Walter Payton's 275 yard rushing against the Vikings in 1977 - Oh yeah, he had the flu that day.
5) Either Jordan over Ehlo or Jordan stripping MVP Karl Malone for the win in the Finals - I can't decide.

OK, Now it's your turn...

Diego: White Sox 2005 is #1. Bears in 1985 are #2. The Bears were bigger on the national level (and the Bulls accross the world) but there was no extended time period without a title. Chicago waited 88 years for a World Series and had two teams trying. The Bears and Bulls could be considered bigger 'acts' but the act of winning the Series is #1.


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