Wednesday, October 12, 2005



Fox Sucks!
It looks like JohnO's post is of similar vein, but before I read his I gotta vent my own.

I saw that Perzynski(?) steal of 1st base on TV. I had the sound turned off because watching w/o audio is better than listening to those inane, insipid and incompetent Fox announcers. Well, when I saw that base steal I had to turn up the sound to hear what was going on. And boy did I hear a bunch of whining from those announcers! True it was a close play, and I am willing to believe that the ball _didn't_ scrape the dirt. BUT those dumb-a$$ announcers declared unequivocally that the ball met only leather, and they were apoplectic about the call. An unbiased announcing crew would have acted differently.

There were at least two other points that could've and should've been made by the announcers. First, it was a HELL of a play by Perzynski! Heads up, that's what experience buys you. He should have been showered with praise. Second, the Angels had their second string catcher in there and the whole damn mess would have been avoided if he simply tagged Perzynksi after the strike. Rookie mistake. He should have been taken out to the verbal woodshed but he got off without comment. When in doubt, tag him out!

Perzynksi basically won the game for the Sox and the announcers should have given him mucho credit for it. Instead we heard nothing but whining and clamoring for instant replay over-ride for the ump.

I had no doubt that the announcers were rooting for Boston over Chicago (I'm still shaking my head over their overt favoritism in last Friday's game). But I'm a little surprised that the "Big-Name-Publicity-City Angels of Small-Unremarkable-Exept-for-Disney-World-Southern-California-Town" would get prefential treatment. I had actually hoped that with NY and Bos out of it we might actually enjoy unbiased coverage. Wrong!

Diego adds: A blown up photo of the ball hitting the ground has to be obtainable. I thought the replays showed a 'change in direction' before it hit Paul's mit. ESPN and CBS have video of the play. I think someone will be able to focus on the details necessary to show the ball hit the ground. The umpire's explanation of his gesture seemed correct but I can understand how it confused the Angels at the time, he signaled 'strike', they read 'out'. The talk this morning is all about the call being blown and one of the 'worst ever'.


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