Saturday, October 01, 2005


The State of the Marriage Strike in Britain

In 2003, two researchers at Rutgers' National Marriage Project released a study of the attitudes of young men in regards to marriage. They said that men were shunning marriage because of various fears revolving around the fear of divorce. This report lead to a great deal of commentary about the state of marriage in the U.S. It seems that our brothers across the pond are suffering from cold feet, also.

Marriage is on the rocks in Britain, with the proportion of unmarried people set to exceed that of married people within 25 years as more men and women opt to live together without constraints, according to government statistics published this week.

If men are so easily removed from a family can you blame them for being reluctant to start one? In other words, would you sign a contract in which the other party does not have to live up to their side? One of the reasons I left the U.S. is that I wanted to find someone from a culture that gave more respect to men. My greatest fear is that my wife will chose to divorce me and that I will only be allowed to see my children 4 days a month. If we stayed in Russia I know that my chances of this happening are next to nothing- my wife could try and collect child support but the state would not be much help; too bad, I just can't keep living here.

I think the best way to tip the balances of the divorce industry back into balance is equal custody of the children. It is a Solomonic solution to the problem of no-fault divorce. American women have very little to lose in divorce under the present system. If they knew they would have to share custody equally with their ex-husband then they would have to ask themselves "Is he really that bad" before they file. (Women initiate divorce about 2 to 1.)


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