Friday, October 21, 2005


What poor families need

Gonzo of Colosseum fame writes about his observations while helping the poor over the hollidays.

I saw booze present almost everywhere. Sacks of beer cans. Bottles in cabinets. I got offered beer three times. I smelled, in many cases, the distinct aroma of - um - recreational herbs. As a former drug abuser myself, I know the signs of drug use, and they were present in a good number of the places we went to.

But - there is one thing I only saw in one place.

Kids studying and doing their homework. Curious - where we had clean houses, well mannered children, and children doing their homework, there was one universal characteristic.

Fathers being present.

Hmm. You tell me.

Read the whole thing, especially the comments.

DIEGO: Definitely a worthwhile read. The poverty level is often defined in terms of income and perhaps necessities that are missing. I think the definition of poverty should inlcude items that are present such as a DVD player in that, if you have a DVD player, you are not poor.


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