Thursday, October 20, 2005


Whiners and Losers

The Angels and the Democrats

Anyone who watched the ALCS games last week will know what I'm talking about here. After "the call" in game 2 the series headed to Anaheim and the fans were feeling a bit of a chip on their collective shoulder. In particular, watching last saturday's game we heard the fans erupting into cat calls and boos if an ump made a call that didn't favor the Angels. Even calls that weren't close were met by boos and jeers.

What does this mean? It tells me that the fans. and probably the team also, had found a new foe. No longer were the playing the Sox but in their minds they were playing the umpires. And when you play the umps you can't win.

This is a common phenomenon in society, when an individual or an organization feels slighted by a higher power or something beyond thier control they can lose sight of the game at hand and begin to wallow in self-destructive behavior and lack of motivation. We saw it clearly with the Angels, we see it with the poor, unemployed, inner-city black man who blames "the man" for his own ills. And we see it in the modern democratic party.

The Dems felt slighted by the 2000 election and they've wallowed ever since. Rather than playing in the political arena to win voters and support by promoting an original agenda, the Dems have spent the last 6 years trashing the President, this country, the war, the legitimacy of the current govt, etc., etc, ad naseum. In short, they've lost sight of the game at hand, and the opponent, and instead have focused on the process.

You can't win a game that you are not playing, like the Angels and the self-pitying inner-city denizens, the Dems need to get their head in the game if they want to win anything. And right now this game is winnable for them if only they can get stop wallowing in self-pity and start playing.


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