Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Politics and the economics of campus lecturing

Michelle Malkin links to this:
Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, who retired from the Army in November 2003 after leading a mechanized infantry battalion into Baghdad, will give a presentation sponsored by the student-run College Union Activities Council at noon Friday in the Hunt Union Square.

CUAC is also sponsoring an appearance by Sheehan at 8 p.m. tonight in the Hunt Union Ballroom.

Both events are part of 'Making a Difference Week,' said CUAC lecture chairwoman Erin Dromgoole, who helped book both speakers earlier this month.

Sheehan is getting paid $11,000 for the hour-long talk, while Rutter will receive his standard fee of $600 for his presentation, Dromgoole said.

I have heard that Sheehan's normal speaking fee is $30,000, though apparently they are both getting paid what they asked.

Speaking fees and scheduling aren't the only disparities. Sheehan will appear in a room with a capacity of 800; Rutter will give his presentation in a room with a capacity of 75. And Dromgoole justifies the purchase of promotional advertising for Sheehan's lecture in The Star Journal as necessary because of her hefty fee.

Matto Adds:
I wonder if that 800 seat room will be as swamped as her "book" signing.


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