Sunday, November 06, 2005


Children's Film Promotes Suicide Bombings

Iran's boomer generation?

Iranian state television has broadcast a children's cartoon that glorifies suicide bombings directed against Israelis:
At the start of the 10-minute animated film, translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), Abd al-Rahman, a Palestinian youth, watches as Israeli soldiers murder his family.

They are depicted laughing as they strike his mother in the face with a rifle butt and then shoot his father, whose blood splashes the oranges on the trees he cultivated.

Abd comforts his sister and weeps, declaring: 'Oh God, I must take revenge upon these bloodthirsty aggressors, who murdered my father, mother and brother.' His cousin Karim introduces him to a neighbour's son, Jassem, who is a member of a 'resistance group'.

Jassem instructs the boys to take part in an attack against Israeli soldiers, applauding their 'deep faith' and telling them that they 'may become martyrs'. Abd's aunt bids the boys a tearful farewell. 'God willing, you'll be successful,' she says. 'Go, my children. Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine.'

As he lies in wait, Abd ties a string of grenades around his waist. The convoy approaches and the cartoon shows satanic-faced Israeli soldiers sitting in a lorry around an ammunition box decorated with a Star of David.

Abd shouts, 'I place my trust in God. Allah Akbar', pulls the grenade pins and leaps onto the lorry. When the smoke clears, the bodies of Abd, the Israeli troops and the attackers are strewn around the road.

A young Palestinian boy then walks over to Abd's body, takes his bloodstained keffiyeh head-dress, drapes it over his own shoulders and walks off into the sunset.
People with this kind of mindset have no business shaping young minds, let alone running a soon-to-be nuclear armed country of 70 million. Very frightening.


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