Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Dirty Tricks and Video Games

Some years back, Microsoft practiced a lot of dirty tricks using online mavens to go into forums and create Web sites extolling the virtues of Windows over OS/2. They were dubbed the Microsoft Munchkins, and it was obvious who they were and what they were up to. But their numbers and energy (and they way they joined forces with nonaligned dummies who liked to pile on) proved too much for IBM marketers, and Windows won the operating-system war through fifth-column tactics.

So Microsoft has engaged in the dark arts of underground marketing in the past. That does bother me but I wonder if this is an effective strategy. If I am using an inferior product I am unlikely to buy again from that company. Of course, in Microsoft's case, they managed a near monopoly in operating systems. In part, that must have been because they offered what people wanted more than their competitors. (I am sure MS benefitted from the ineptitude of their competition, also.) Anyway, XBox 360 has had some problems.

fmwap writes "There have been several postings over at Xbox-scene complaining of crashing Xbox's on new games, with default settings on single player. Crashes on Xbox Live and on startup have been reported too, and Project Gotham Racing 3 crashes before finishing the first lap. Screenshots and Video are available showing the crash."

So is this dirty tricks from Microsoft or Sony? Either way, I will keep my powder dry and wait for PS3. Here are some recent reviews of x360, as us kids are calling it. :-O Ok, I don't look ten years younger like some people I know. [Ed.- No more like fifteen years older.]


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