Friday, November 04, 2005


Fire and Water

I wonder how the 'Paris Burning' news will hold up to reality when the dust settles. I thought the New Orleans flooding reports by the MSM were a bit dramatic.

Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts on the Paris rioting here:

the old generalization since 9/11 remains valid: The majority of Muslims are not global terrorists, but almost all such terrorists, and the majority of their sympathizers, are Muslims.
there is an emboldened sense that the jihadists can get away with their crimes based on three perceptions: (1) Squabbling and politically correct Westerners are decadent and outnumber the U.S. Marines
our leaders must explain far more cogently and in some detail — rather than merely assert — to the Western public the nature of the threat we face, and how our strategy will prevail
In contrast, when the American public is still bickering over WMDs rather than relieved that the culprit for the first World Trade Center bombing can no longer find official welcome in Baghdad...something has gone terribly, tragically wrong here at home.


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