Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Forget the Lasso and Bear Trap, Close the Barn Door!

The Horse is making a run for it.

Last night the line was crossed by the Indianapolis Colts into territory that is a little too close for comfort. By beating the Pittsburgh Steelers the Colts reached an 11-0 season record and have a legitimate chance at reaching the most sacred record in all of professional sports. That record would be the 17-0 season of the 1972 Miami Dolphins. There are still some tough hurdles ahead for the Colts, probably the toughest being a game 14 home game against the Chargers who will be fighting for a playoff spot while the Colts will have most likely secured #1 seed in the AFC. But the 17-0 mark is being challenged like never before.

The 1998 Denver Broncos were the last team in my mind to get close. They lost game 14 to the Giants and then went on to lose to the Dolphins in game 15 before going on to win the Super Bowl. Prior to that I believe the 1985 Chicago Bears made the only other serious challenge to the unbeaten mark until they fittingly were blown out in week 13 by the Dolphins.

The Broncos were and the Colts are a likeable team but I'm rooting for at least one loss for the Colts this year and the sooner the better. The 17-0 mark set by the Dolphins is one that should stand forever. Dolphins QB Bob Griese once spoke of why he felt that team was so special by commenting on the lack of egos and the true team spirit. When he called a play in the huddle he didn't have a bunch of selfish players crying for the ball but rather would get an honest answer from someone when he asked if they could beat their man on a given play. Guys were not afraid to say that someone else had a better chance of making a particular play if the match up was right.

Perfection is special and the 1972 Dolphins stand alone. The Montreal Canadians never did it. The New York Yankees never did it. The Lakers, Bulls, and Celtics never did it. Let's hope the Colts don't do it either.


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