Wednesday, November 23, 2005


From Gus at The Daily Cause

Happy Thanksgiving

If there is one thing unique about this country, and there are several, it is that we have a peculiar holiday set aside, not to laud ourselves on a conquest or achievement, but to say, "Thank you."
And there we have a problem. To whom?
Most people would say, "God."
The secularists who want to make man and government the "new God" are probably gnashing their teeth over Thanksgiving but that is not how Americans have felt ever since the landing at Plymouth.
There comes a time to say, "No" to minority complaints. They become avenues to power not the righting of wrongs. If the ACLU and thir friends don't like this American tradition, fine, then let them go to Guatamala or wherever. They have already corrupted the Constitution and it is going to take a while until we get rid of the fantasy version.
If there is one day that I a proud to be an American, and I don't give tinker's dam who likes it or nor not, it is Thanksgiving.
We are the richest and most powerful country that has ever existed and we can stop and say, "Thank you for all this", to something greater than we are.
The leftists who foolishly claimed that we were just another super-power like the Soviet Union and that there is no difference between us and the Islamic terrorists might do well to ponder this.
Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your turkey and thank you, God, for letting me be born in this country.


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