Thursday, November 10, 2005


Jimmy Massey, S.o.B.

Please check out Eyes on the Ball News' satirical interview with Jimmy Massey. It is hard to know where the reality ends and the satire begins.

Q: Tell us about your tour of Tours:

A: “Man it was awesome,” he told us, “People in France are different - they are more open minded. They don’t care about ‘fact checking’ or ‘truth’, they know what’s more important is the emotional truth behind a story. My story is: killing is bad, and people should stop killing.

You can read the rest. (Warning: Adult satire)

If you don't know who Jimmy is then check out Michelle Malkin's thorough coverage of the story. (Damn her for her thorough coverage.) Big thanks to Ron Harris of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for writing an article which is not likely to gain him any plaudits from other journalists.

This story is about more than one man who decided to lie to enrich himself. It is a story of how far people will go to cast aspersions on this war via our soldiers. Massey's story is only believeable if you have preconceived opinion about America which would allow someone to accept the most unbelieveable stories of brutality as fact without an inkling of scepticism. It is sad that this man has such a following but it is truly horrific that some Americans will chose to defend his lies even after his story has been debunked.

Ron Harris, of the Washington Post-Dispatch has (apparently) volunteered to promote this set of DVDs for us in print and on CNN. It is worth noting that total revenues to Jimmy Massey from this project have been around $250 and 10 DVDs. This domain is registered to the owner of Metropole Filmworx LLC, which are the producers of the Back from Iraq documentary which will feature several soldiers discussing their service in the war in Iraq. Ron Harris didn't contact us to find out who owned the website or to determine our financial relationship with Jimmy Massey.

This means Ron's reporting on the "Jimmy Massey" story is living up to the "high standard" of his reporting in Iraq which failed to mention so much. If you want to know what Jimmy Massey has to say, we recommend that you purchase this set of DVDs. We consider Jimmy a leader in the pro-soldier/antiwar movement. Watch the DVD's then determine for yourself if a man accusing himself of murder is actually executing some clever ploy for fast cash. -- Nancy Fulton, Metropole Filmworx LLC.

Please note the smarmy tone. This website would be a good place to answer the questions that were raised by Harris' article. What are the chances to that happening? I think pretty low. Jimmy don't like criticism. I wonder if Jimmy is holed up some where with a bottle of Jim Beam contemplating the rest of his miserable life. We can only hope...he has a gun.


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