Wednesday, November 23, 2005


More on Mad Murtha

In yesterday's Best of the Web Today James Taranto pretty thoroughly smacks around those who claim that last week's vote on withdrawal was a dirty trick and did not reflect Mad Murtha's language or intent when he called for troop redeployment.

Murtha used some version of the phrase "immediate redeployment" no less than four times in his press conference. Further,

Some of our readers say it was unfair of us to label the Hunter resolution "the Murtha proposal" because Murtha actually offered a resolution of his own, which did not use the word immediate but instead called for withdrawal "at the earliest practicable date." That resolution appears at the bottom of this page on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee blog, which one of our critical readers e-mailed us triumphantly.

The same page, however, features Murtha's comments from his press conference, including repeated references to immediate withdrawal. It's fascinating how those who claim to be Murtha's defenders are now hiding behind the text of his resolution to claim he never called for immediate withdrawal, when in fact that is exactly what he did.
Give Murtha credit for helping to clarify the debate. Immediate withdrawal from Iraq is something no serious person favors. Even those who think they do, like Murtha, change their minds upon reflection.

Yesterday's Investor's Business Daily wonders if Murtha made these public pronouncements to front-run an impending ethics investigation:
"If you want anything done on the committee, you go to Murtha."

He's delivered so much pork to his congressional district, an airport and a major highway are named after Murtha.

Ashdown and his nonpartisan watchdog group [Taxpayers for Common Sense] criticized Murtha for using the $417 billion fiscal 2005 Pentagon spending bill to give business to his lobbyist brother. The Los Angeles Times in June reported that Murtha funneled nearly $21 million to 10 or more corporate clients of KSA Consulting, where Robert "Kit" Murtha is a senior partner. Carmen Scialabba, a Murtha congressional aide for 27 years, is also a high-ranking official at KSA.

In one case, a small Arkansas manufacturer of military vehicles who was a KSA client was awarded $1.7 million — triple its total sales for 2004. One defense contractor based in Murtha's home state of Pennsylvania even told the Times he hired KSA on the recommendation of a top Murtha aide.

Looks like Murtha is taking a page from the despicable Joey Wilson. He's learned that 'bravely' speaking out against the war is the surest way to bring the media lemmings to your side. Later when/if improprieties are alleged against you, you can self-righteously claim to be a victim of administration attacks.


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