Thursday, November 10, 2005


New Links

I've added new links to the lefthand column (can't we move that to the 'right'?... heh, heh).

-AbleDangerBlog, I don't know who runs this site but he does a nice job of following the developments in this bizarre saga of ignored intelligence and silenced informers.

-JustOneMinute, Tom Maquire is one of the Holy Trinity, as the Anchoress calls them, who have ardently followed and analyzed Plamegate developments. The other two being AJ Strata and Mac Ranger (see next).

- and next, I've added Mac Ranger.

Finally, if you're not reading The Anchoress on a regular basis then you're missing out on some really insightful and cogent writing. She's good.

John O: I have also added a link to Steven Den Beste, who has resumed blogging about subjects other than anime.


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